Amazing Chocolate Omelette


Ok, this is totally decadent. I love making this pillowy-soft chocolate omelette for weekend breakfasts and usually add a bit more of a frosting of powdered sugar on top. You could decorate the plate with raspberries, but I prefer the omelette on its own.
Amazing Chocolate Omelette
Serves 2
6 eggs, beaten
4 tablespoons heavy cream
2 ounces dark chocolate, melted (or Nutella) (recently I've been using Baker's Semi-Sweet squares)
4 tablespoons confectionary sugar (plus extra to dust on top)
1 shot of dark rum (coconut flavored rum is also great on this)
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1. Whisk together the 6 beaten eggs, cream, melted chocolate, confectionary sugar and a pinch of salt until well blended. Don't worry if it looks streaky from the melted chocolate. When you cook your omelette those bits and bobs melt into luscious gooey pools.
2. Melt butter in a medium pan and pour in the egg mixture. It will look like a lot of eggs for the pan but be patient and gently lift around the edges as it cooks to allow the liquid part of the omelet to get to the bottom of the pan to cook. Keep the top of the omelette wetter than normal and when it looks good to you, take a spatula and fold the omelette in half.
3. Slip the omelette onto a heatproof serving plate, dust with powdered sugar, pour the rum over the top and light with a match. After the flame has gone out, sprinkle more confectionary sugar on the top and serve immediately.