All things tangible and semi-tangible

Dear Reader -  I have a confession: I have taken full advantage of the fact that I hadn't yet told you about this blog to focus my attention on the more solid aspects of my bookstore in the last few weeks, ignoring the semi-tangible, electronic world entirely. I have chosen paint colors, picked a floor (sort of), finalized my signage, chosen bags (almost), finalized card lines, etc., etc. - with ample stories about each endeavor to share.

But now, thanks to the stellar skills of my friend and colleague, Mr. Danny Schweers (webmaster, graphic designer, photographer, and artist extraordinaire), I have a web page up and a "shrimp scampi"* of a domain name to link up with this little blog - And thanks to the contribution of Theresa at Quillen Signs, who demonstrated the patience of Job in working with me on my logo, it looks especially pretty. It's just a placeholder of a page, but it gets us started.

And now I'll turn my attention back to my new obsession with all things Danish and WOCA oils, as I finalize my flooring choice. If what's under the glued-down, decades-old commercial carpet that's in there is salvageable, then we'll have a WOCA oil party with that - if not, I'm leaning toward a batch of heart pine that was reclaimed from a Georgia barn - what'd you think?
Onward!  - Jen

*NOTE: I realize that I made this allusion before and then I realized that not everybody thinks that "shrimp scampi" is as funny as I do, so I should explain my repetition of this goofy joke. Scampi (singular, scampo) means "shrimp" in Italian. So the ubiquitous "Shrimp Scampi" that we see on American menus is Shrimp Shrimp. Biblion is book (or small book) in Greek. is, hence the scampi reference and my undying amusement.